Budweiser x ZED RUN Metaverse Plans Have Clydesdales NFT

Budweiser NFT Passes, ZED RUN racehorse skin airdrops, and a chance to win a year’s supply of Budweiser are all part of the plan.
Budweiser x ZED RUN Metaverse Plans Have Clydesdales NFT

The popular beer brand, Budweiser’s metaverse plans include ‘virtual Clydesdales’, which will be created in partnership with the NFT-based horse racing game ZED RUN.

The Budweiser x Zed Roadmap was unveiled by ZED RUN, one of the earliest NFT ventures that let users become stable owners and buy, breed, and race their own digital racehorses.

Budweiser NFT Passes, ZED RUN racehorse skin airdrops, a chance to win a year’s supply of Budweiser, and eventually the burning of Budweiser pass NFTs are all part of the plan.

Let’s have a look at everything, shall we?

Starting June 9 at 6 p.m. EST, 2,500 Budweiser Pass NFTs will be available for $225 plus gas fees.

There is also an early access to the Budweiser Pass NFTs, which will come with a ZED RUN racehorse skin airdrop and more.

Once the presale window closes, the public sale will be available for another 24 hours, after which the mint will be suspended. Budweiser x ZED RUN’s Hang.xyz will be hosting this drop.

Any of the following criteria can be completed to gain pre-sale access: You can be a Budverse Heritage Can holder + ZED RUN player who either owns a Genesis racehorse or a NASCAR ZED RUN pass. 

Also, on June 8, at 6 p.m. EST, a snapshot of Genesis and NASCAR passholders will be taken. And 50 passes from these 2500 NFT passes will be reserved for future giveaways.

The Budweiser Racetrack will make its premiere in ZED RUN on the day of the launch. It will feature a number of major racing activities and will become a staple in the digital horse racing industry.

The following are some ‌perks of owning a Budweiser NFT Pass:

  • The ZED RUN racehorse skin will be airdropped to Budweiser NFT Pass holders in one of three rarity tiers. In July, the skins for the Gold (250), Budweiser Bottle (750), and Clydesdale (1500) will be dropped at random.
  • Budweiser NFT passholders will also receive Budweiser x ZED RUN t-shirt wearables, which avatars in the Decentraland Metaverse can wear.

In July and September, the beer company will sponsor two racing challenges, each with a $45,000 prize pool and tickets to a Budweiser Brewery Experience or a major sporting event. It’s only available to Budweiser NFT pass holders once again.

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Another exclusive benefit for passholders is a December tournament with a prize pool of $95,000 and a free year’s supply of beer for the winner.

Passholders will be able to burn their passes for a reward at the end of the Budweiser x ZED RUN 2022 campaign, which is still being finalized.

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