Bonkler Developer Siphons $1M USD In Remilia’s Generated Fees

The creator of Milady NFT collection assured safety of Bonkler’s reservers, main contract and NFTs are safe.
Bonkler Developer Siphons $1M USD In Remilia’s Generated Fees

In the unfortunate turn of events, one of the developers of the Bonkler NFT platform siphoned and diverted approximately $1 million in fees generated from Remilia Corporation, a team behind the notorious Milady NFT collection. 

The CEO of Remilia Corporation, Charlotte Fang, assured the safety of Bonkler’s reserves, main contract, and NFTs. He stated, “All Remilia NFTs, metadata, and domains remain secure.”

Bonkler and Remilia Corporation are closely interlinked. Bonkler is an experimental financial adventure involving auctioning reserve-backed NFTs daily over one year. This initiative is a creation of the Remilia Corporation, an avant-net art collective. 

The Bonkler Treasury, which fuels the auctions, retains 30% of all ETH in each auction as a fee for the Remilia Corporation. The Bonkler collection has been a significant success, with the first Bonkler NFT selling for a staggering 60 ETH, or approximately $125,0002. 

Currently, Remilia Corporation has suspended daily minting of The Bonkler. Charlotte Fang disclosed that the minting will enable after Bonkler’s v2 upgrade, facilitating it with collateralized loans and treasury deployment.

Furthermore, the developer turned into a traitor and seized control of social media accounts, including Milady and Remilio Baby, along with the Remilia account. They have also captured the codebases. 

The developer demands a “significant portion” of the treasury, including the NFT reserves, to release the control of social media accounts and codebases.

Charlotte Fang warned the attacker, “Needless to say, those who threatened the blessed kingdom of Remilia for mere financial gain will face a dramatic and just retribution without sympathy.”

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