Bitrue To List XRP Ledger Sidechain’s Native Token

Bitrue Exchange to Support XAH Token Listing and Minting Event

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue has announced its plans to support the XAH token, the native token of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) sidechain Xahau.

Bitrue stated it will also support the minting of XAH tokens and list the tokens on the Bitrue platform.

The announcement from Bitrue read, “This will include supporting the minting of XAH tokens and their listing on the Bitrue platform”.

Bitrue has also highlighted the Xahau Network, describing it as “an innovative smart contract sidechain within the XRPL ecosystem.” 

This news of Bitrue’s support for XAH minting and listing has earned praise from well-known figures in the XRP community, including attorney Bill Morgan and Crypto Eri, both of whom have hailed it as great news.

Crypto Eri also extended her congratulations to Wietse Wind, a leading developer at XRPL Labs, which is behind Xahau Network, for gaining Bitrue’s support.

Notably, the XRPL Labs team recently changed the ticker symbol for the Xahau network gas token from the previously announced XRP+ to XAH.

This change was motivated by concerns over potential confusion with the original XRP token and compatibility issues with various exchanges and DeFi platforms.

In a recent tweet, Bitrue disclosed its partnership with Xahau Network to accelerate innovation on the XRP ledger. 

The exchange aims to transform transactions and enhance user engagement in the XRPL ecosystem through this collaboration. 

The statement reads:

“Bitrue is pleased to announce that we are collaborating with XahauLedger to drive innovation of the XRPLedger. With Xahau Network’s cutting-edge smart contracts, we want to redefine transactions, governance, and user participation within the XRPL ecosystem.”

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