Bitcoin’s Profitable Addresses Reaches to New Record, 40 Million

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The number of profitable Bitcoin addresses has increased to an all-time high of almost 40 million, even though the cryptocurrency’s value is currently trading at half its peak price.

Bitcoin addresses in the profit chart
Bitcoin addresses in the profit chart

As per the Glassnode data, 80% of Bitcoin addresses are currently profitable, with the price of Bitcoin around $34,000. This surpasses the previous record of 38.1 million that was set in November 2021 as the highest number ever.

Back then, Bitcoin waas at all-time high, and every address that had money in it was in profit. There are currently 48.3 million non-zero addresses, even though the price is 50% less than those peak levels.

Despite not reaching their previous peak performance in absolute terms, the percentage of profitable addresses has risen to 81.1% at an 18-month high. Conversely, there are just over 9 million addresses that are at a loss, which was around 20 million at the time of FTX crash, December 2022.

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