Bitcoin Mining Goes Green with Landfill Methane Power

Bitcoin Mining Goes Green with Landfill Methane Power

Marathon Digital Holdings, a company known for its involvement in the Bitcoin ecosystem, has teamed up with Nodal Power, a firm specializing in renewable energy, particularly in the area of biogas. Together, they’ve launched a 280 kW Bitcoin mining test project in Utah and it exclusively uses methane gas from landfills to power the Bitcoin mining operations.

Marathon’s project aims to capture methane from landfills, turn it into electricity, and then use that electricity to run their Bitcoin mining machines. 

“At Marathon, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to diversify our operations, lower our energy costs, and leverage the unique aspects of Bitcoin mining to better the environments in which we operate,” said Fred Thiel, Marathon’s chairman and CEO.

This approach could potentially help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also using a completely renewable and off-grid energy source for their Bitcoin mining operations. They are trying to make Bitcoin mining more environmentally friendly by turning harmful landfill gas into clean energy.

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