Bitcoin Maxi Javier Milei Wins Presidential Election in Argentina

Javier Milei wins the second round of presidential candidate election with 55% of total votes.
Bitcoin Maxi Javier Milei Wins Presidential Election in Argentina

The Bitcoin-friendly candidate, Javier Milei, has won the presidential run-off election in Argentina.

On November 19, Milei achieved the victory with a lead of nearly 3 million votes over his opponent Sergio Massa, which makes 55% of the total 99% of votes counted, according to Bloomberg.

Argentina Presidential Election Result
Argentina Presidential Election Result – Bloomberg

The new president is expected to take over as Argentina’s president on December 10 while first addressing the major issues of increasing inflation and poverty across the country. The Argentine central bank has also run out of money, and the government also does not have access to international capital markets.

Milei has been well known for his bold stance against central banks, referring to it as a scam against citizens. As a Bitcoin maximalist, he considers Bitcoin a movement to return money to the private sector.

In October, Sergio Massa won the first round of the presidential election, which was not enough to win the presidency outright. However, Javier Milei won the final run-off and had a remarkable win in the country’s primary election held in August.

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