Binance Gains In-principle Approval for Operation in Kazakhstan

Binance Announces Regulated Digital Asset Platform in Kazakhstan

The leading crypto exchange Binance has received in-principle approval from regulatory bodies in Kazakhstan. This means Binance can now offer its crypto financial services in the country. 

As per the release on Monday, the Astana Financial Service Authority (AFSA) has nodded to operate a Digital Asset Trading Facility as well as provide custody in the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC).

The AFSA is the first regulator in Kazakhstan to grant in-principle approval to Binance. However, Binance still needs to complete the full application process which is expected in due course.

Nurkhat Kushimov, CEO of AFSA said that Binance’s work will further develop the vibrant ecosystem of the digital asset industry locally and regionally. Binance is taking big strides to extend its reach. Recently, Binance CEO CZ discussed crypto & blockchain technology with Turkey’s Finance Minister as the country prepares its crypto regulatory policies to drive innovation within its jurisdiction.

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