Binance Enables 50x Leveraged BOND Perpetual Contracts as Token Price Surges

Binance Enables 50x Leveraged BOND Perpetual Contracts as Token Price Surges

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has introduced a new high leverage financial instrument,  the BOND/USDT Perpetual Contract, offering leverage of up to 50 times. 

This contract, backed by the BarnBridge (BOND) token and settled in Tether (USDT), extends a fresh opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to explore the market, granting them 24/7 accessibility.

A prominent aspect of the BOND/USDT Perpetual Contract encompasses a tick size of 0.001 and a capped funding rate of +2.00% or -2.00%.

Also, funding fee settlements are scheduled to occur every four hours, providing traders with enhanced flexibility and transparency.

This announcement closely follows the recent introduction of BIGTIME perpetual contracts launched by Binance, which offer up to 20 times leverage.

Additionally, On October 9, Binance introduced copy trading for its futures products in selected markets. 

This feature allows users to replicate strategies of seasoned traders, offering both”fixed amount” and “fixed ratio” modes to cater to diverse user preferences and risk tolerances. 

In other news, the native token of BarnBridge, BOND, has seen a significant price surge, more than doubling in value. 

The increase is largely attributed to BarnBridge’s announcement that it will comply with unspecified demands by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

On October 14,the BOND token was trading at $4.20, marking a remarkable two-day rally that propelled the asset to its highest price since May. 

Currently, BarnBridge is trading near its five-day high of $3.22. 

With the token 9.93% off its highest point and 80.47% above its five-day low of $1.61, BOND is in a potentially volatile position if the rally loses momentum. 

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