Binance Announces TripleA as Global Crypto Payment Gateway

Binance Announces TripleA as Global Crypto Payment Gateway

Crypto exchange platform Binance has announced TripleA as its global crypto payment gateway for Binance Pay.

Pakning Luk, the regional head of Business Development, Binance Pay said, “We could not be more excited to announce TripleA as a strategic payment partner.”

Binance Pay is a contactless payment feature on the Binance app, while TripleA is a company that helps businesses enhance their revenue by enabling crypto payments.

“This cements Binance Pay’s mission in providing businesses and consumers a contactless, borderless, and secure cryptocurrency payment experience.”

According to the announcement, this partnership will provide unique business opportunities to many merchants such as the online footwear marketplace, Novelship.

“In a recent survey, an overwhelming number of our customers showed keen interest in paying using alternative assets such as cryptocurrency,” said Richard Xia, the CEO of Novelship. 

“Thanks to TripleA and Binance Pay, we are able to stay agile, adopt new payment technologies, and meet our customers’ needs swiftly.”

Consumers across the world are increasingly using crypto to pay for products and services. It is only in the interest of retailers to integrate this feature in their payment systems.

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“TripleA is seeing strong demand from businesses to offer crypto payments, which is of course driven by their consumers,” said Eric Barbier, CEO and founder of TripleA.

“We are pleased to work with Binance Pay and Novelship to satisfy this growing market need.”

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