The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Australia: Let’s Find Out!

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Australia

Behind every successful crypto trader is a cryptocurrency exchange that brings out the best deal for them. But there are so many platforms out there, and the best ones are almost impossible to identify!

If you’ve been faced with this type of dilemma as an Australia-based trader, this blog piece is for you. 

In this review, we look to take out the guesswork in your crypto journey. Whether you are a beginner, growing trader, or expert investor with a thriving portfolio, you need a crypto exchange not just for buying BTC but to help you meet your investment goals.

We highlight some of the top Australia-based cryptocurrency exchanges, their pros and cons, and the best one for you. Let’s get started! 

1. eToro

eToro, a prominent Israeli fintech company with global reach and branches in the UK, USA, Australia, and Cyprus, was established in 2007. This platform, known for social trading, supports cryptocurrency trades and various other financial services, and is recognized as a top and reliable cryptocurrency exchange.


  • Suitable for all levels of investors in Australia, eToro offers an easy-to-use trading platform with a wide array of investment choices.
  • Supports diverse investment types, including cryptocurrencies.
  • Provides social and learning tools.
  • Through its ‘Copy Trader’ feature, eToro enables users to invest in stocks and shares. This feature is especially useful for those hesitant about selecting their own investments, allowing them to mimic the strategies of top investors.


  • Charges for converting Australian dollars to US dollars.
  • Inactivity fees start after a year of non-use.
  • Fees for cryptocurrency transactions and withdrawals.

2. Coinspot

This Australian-based crypto exchange has ease of use at the core of its approach. If you are a new trader looking for a platform that offers a seamless approach to trading and investing in cryptocurrency, you can start with CoinSpot. Alongside their easy-to-use platform, Coinspot also offers 24-hour customer support via live chat.  


  • Beginner-friendly: If you are new to crypto trading, you’ll enjoy Coinspot’s intuitive app design and easy-to-understand interface. 
  • Extensive Coin Selection: You get access to 450+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular altcoins.  
  • Flexible funding methods: You can find your Coinbase account using methods like POLi pay, BPay, PayID, direct deposit, or Blueshyft Cash Deposit. 


  • Limited advanced trading features: If you are already an expert trader looking to explore more advanced trading options, this platform may not be for you. 
  • Higher Fees: Instant buys and sells may incur higher transaction fees. 

3. Swyftx

Swyftx is a cryptocurrency exchange built by Australians for Australians. At the core of this company’s value is transparency and customer protection. It is quite a beginner-friendly platform as it offers demos, learning resources, and an easily navigable interface. 


  • Regulatory compliance: Swftx is registered with AUSTRAC, which means it meets certain legal and financial obligations with Australia. 
  • Low Fees: As part of its beginner-friendly reputation, this platform also offers low transaction fees, which makes it the best option if you are looking to cut trading costs. 
  • Portfolio management tools: You can manage your assets without worries using the platform’s portfolio management tools. You can also access customer support in record time for extra assistance. 


4. Binance Australia

Binance is a global giant in the cryptocurrency scene. It is known for its high liquidity and massive trading volume. If you are looking for a big name with many years of credibility, you can opt for this trading platform. 


  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies: Binance has about 402 cryptocurrencies, 11 fiat currencies, and 1591 currency pairs. If you are looking to explore and diversify your portfolio, you’ll enjoy these features. 
  • Global Giant yet localized: Binance’s Australian arm combines the advantages of global exchange with a localized touch for Australian traders.
  • Flexible interface: You can customize Binance’s interface based on your experience level. There is the basic, classic, and advanced. 


  • High transaction fees: Depending on the trading volume and methods, this platform may require high transaction fees. 
  • No longer supports AUD deposits: Australian-based traders can only fund their Binance account via crypto transfer or card. 

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5. Coinbase

Coinbase, a globally renowned cryptocurrency exchange, relaunched in Australia in October 2022 with significant upgrades catering to Australian traders. This relaunch included notable features like AUD deposits and withdrawals, enhancing its appeal to Aussie traders. 

Coinbase is praised for its exceptional user experience, making it a top choice for both beginners and advanced crypto users. Its easy-to-navigate interface and full-featured app, including an NFT marketplace and a unique learn-to-earn feature, contribute to its popularity. 

For newcomers, the option to make instant Australian dollar purchases via a linked debit card or free AUD deposits and withdrawals using PayID is a significant advantage. Additionally, Coinbase is known for its high trading volume and deep liquidity across over 260 cryptocurrencies​​.


  • A learn-and-earn feature through Coinbase Learn, offering rewards for expanding crypto knowledge.
  • An excellent user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • A high rank in global trading volume and deep liquidity for over 260 cryptocurrencies​​.


  • The advanced trading features on Coinbase are less comprehensive than on some other exchanges, with limited indicators and trading intervals.
  • Higher costs due to a fee schedule that includes both a Coinbase fee and a spread fee, which can be substantial for certain transactions.
  • The platform’s wallet provides limited control over its private keys, restricting users’ ability to manage their cryptocurrency holdings fully​​​​.

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Summing Up

When it comes to the best cryptocurrency exchange, the answer lies with you, the trader. The best crypto exchange is one that caters thoroughly to your trading, financial, and individual needs. You must know who you are as a crypto investor, what your dreams and goals are, and the perfect platform that can help you reach them. 

Some features to look out for in an exchange platform are security, reputation, fees, user interface, asset selection, regulatory compliance, and customer support. While every good Cryptocurrency exchange should have all of these features, some excel in one or two more than the rest. Look out for the platform that prioritizes the features that align the most with your values as a crypto trader and as a person.

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