Ben Armstrong Received $120K After Plea For Legal Funds

Former BitBoy Crypto owner Ben Armstrong collected over $120,000 for legal support after speaking about threats and blackmail from HIT Network.
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The former owner of BitBoy Crypto, Ben Armstrong, has collected more than $120,000 after a few hours when he uploaded a video on Twitter discussing death threats and blackmail he has received from his media company, HIT Network.

In the video, Ben stated that he had no money left as Hitnetweok had taken all his money, making it impossible to mount a legal battle. After having been blackmailed to comply, Ben and his family have been “scared for our lives.” 

In addition to this, Armstrong received death threats from Hit Network after he filed a lawsuit. When Armstrong took legal action to stop the threats, the network “agreed to negotiate,” which led him to drop the case. 

To get BitBoy Crypto back, Armstrong insisted, “I am humbly asking anyone who has ever benefited from my content or anything I have done to help donate to my legal fund.”

Ben plans to share more details about it on the stream tomorrow at 11:30am est on his new crypto channel “Ben Armstrong Crypto”.

Armstrong’s appeal has received a lot of media coverage and donations, but other well-known figures in the cryptocurrency industry are criticizing him for hurting his audience.

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