Azuki’s ‘Elementals’ NFT Collection to Go Live Today

Azuki launches a captivating new collection of Ethereum NFTs called “Elementals,” showcasing innovative digital artworks and making waves in the NFT space.
Azuki’s 'Elementals' NFT Collection to Go Live Today

Today, June 27, marks the highly anticipated launch of Azuki Elementals, an innovative Ethereum-based NFT collection, by Chiru Labs. This captivating release introduces profile picture NFTs (PFPs) and expands the universe of the beloved Azuki project. With a total of 20,000 NFTs available, collectors are in for an extraordinary opportunity.

Building on the excitement, Chiru Labs recently surprised Azuki NFT holders at the “Follow the Rabbit” community event in Las Vegas with an airdrop, providing them with tokens for one of the exclusive Elementals. The exact artwork of these mysterious Elementals has yet to be revealed, adding to the anticipation surrounding this sale.

Starting at 9:00 PT, the Azuki Elementals sale will kick off with Phase 1, exclusively catering to Azuki holders. In this phase, Azuki owners can mint one Elemental per Azuki owned, ensuring a privileged position for those already invested in the Azuki universe. Following Phase 1, Phase 2 will commence at 9:10 PT, granting BEANZ holders the opportunity to mint one Elemental per BEANZ owned. Azuki holders who participated in the Phase 1 presale will also have the chance to mint additional Elementals, minus the ones already acquired.

At 9:20 PT, Phase 3 will open to the public, allowing everyone, including Azuki and BEANZ holders, to participate. During this phase, individuals can mint up to three Elementals per wallet. However, it is important to note that allocations from the previous phases will not carry over, making each phase a fresh opportunity to acquire these coveted NFTs.

The public sale will utilize a Dutch auction model, with the starting price set at 2 ETH per NFT. Over time, the price will gradually decrease by 0.1 ETH every 5 minutes until the entire collection of 10,000 Elementals is sold out. It is advised to act swiftly to secure preferred pricing.

Azuki and BEANZ holders taking part in the presale phases will place a deposit of 2 ETH and receive a refund for the difference between their deposit and the final price determined by the Dutch auction.

The Azuki Elementals collection introduces a mythical landscape divided into four kingdoms: fire, water, earth, and lightning. Its slogan, “Four Domains, One Garden,” symbolizes the interconnectedness within the broader Azuki community, extending across both the metaverse and real-life collaborations and events.

Each of the 20,000 Elementals in the collection boasts randomized attributes of varying rarity, spread across four tiers. With a higher chance of revealing rare traits as collectors progress through the tiers, every tier holds the potential for discovering highly sought-after “grail” NFTs. These rarest of rare NFTs often command significant value on the secondary market, adding to the allure of this collection.

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