Azuki NFT #9605 Brings In Massive $1.4 Million in Sale

Azuki #9605 that sold for 420.7 ETH is listed as the second-rarest NFT in the Azuki collection.
Azuki NFT #9605 Brings In Massive $1.4 Million in Sale

After the rise of pfp projects like Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, the 2022-launched Azuki NFT collection is making the waves right now. An Azuki NFT just got sold for a massive 420.7 ETH, approximately $1.4M on the OpenSea platform.

The sale was revealed by Twitter user Trebooomin, a member of Red Bean DAO, which is a collector DAO focused on Azuki. Azuki #9605 NFT was first purchased in January for 120 ETH, approximately $296,000.

Trebooomin identified the buyer as Jason, who uses the Twitter handle Bitcoin4Freedom. Jason then went on to confirm the sale via a tweet.

Azuki #9605 is billed as the second-rarest NFT in the Azuki collection. The top-ranked NFT in the project, Azuki #2152, is now listed for 500 ETH, approximately $1.69M.

The previous record sale for the collection was Azuki #4666 for 204 ETH in February, approximately $586,000 at the time. 

Azuki is a 10,000-avatar profile image project with a randomized set of features and graphic aspects, yet with a strongly anime-inspired vibe. 

Chiru Labs, a Los Angeles-based firm led by four pseudonymous founders: ZAGABOND, 2pm.flow, location tba, and HoshiBoy, launched the collection in January 2022. The founders claim to be former Facebook, Google, Y Combinator employees. 

Azuki Airdrop

Owning an Azuki NFT will give you membership access to ‘The Garden’, where artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts connect. An Azuki Garden Party is ongoing right now at the time of writing. Hip-hop icon Wiz Khalifa performed at the event sending the event attendees into a frenzy.

The attendees were also surprised at a sudden airdrop of two NFTs in their wallet during the party. The collection is right now titled ‘Something is Coming’ with the exact details about the NFT to be revealed soon. Its floor price is 3.1 ETH at the time of writing showing its popularity already upon drop.

The floor price of the collection has jumped since then. Currently the floor price of Azuki is 17.75 ETH, with 154.3k ETH in traded volume. Azuki is ranked second, outpacing BAYC and MAYC collection as per the last seven days trading volume. 

The World of Women Galaxy collection, the second collection from the WoW team is now topping the list for the last 7 days. The collection was sold out within a day upon the drop. Presently the floor price of WoW Galaxy is 1.32 ETH.

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