Avantgarde & Agio Pioneer A New On-Chain Funds Platform

Avantgarde & Agio Pioneer A New On-Chain Funds Platform

Avantgarde Finance Group and Agio Digital, a renowned digital assets and fund platform, have joined forces to introduce a cutting-edge on-chain platform designed for institutional use.

According to a press release, the newly launched platform will enable users to establish fully regulated on-chain funds. Avantgarde, known for its decentralized finance system, provides a range of tooling and asset management services. On the other hand, Agio Fund Services, a subsidiary of Agio Digital, specializes in fund setup, licensing, and investor transaction management. 

In an official statement, it was mentioned that Avantgrade and Agio have collaborated closely for the past year to bridge the divide between institutions and blockchain-based asset management technology. Their efforts have involved incorporating DeFi vaults operating on Enzyme into a fully compliant fund structure. 

Enzyme is an advanced non-custodial solution that streamlines and automates various operational tasks, compliance procedures, and risk management functions specifically designed for crypto on-chain operations. 

Mona El Isa, the founder and CEO of Avantgarde, underscored the significance of the collaboration with Agio, stating that it enables the launch of “on-chain funds in a compliant and transparent manner while reducing operational costs and barriers to entry for our customers by more than 80%.”

Furthermore, Mona El Isa shed light on the current challenges faced by the asset management industry, particularly the significant barriers to entry. She expressed her belief that the partnership with Agio bridge about transformative change in this regard. Not only does it address these barriers, but it also provides an avenue for institutions to access decentralized finance in a compliant manner that aligns with their existing practices. 

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