Avalanche’s Friend.tech Clone Stars Arena Encounters Bug

The recently launched SoFi app has a bug that allows the attacker to drain its contract, but at a higher cost than the actual profit.
Avalanche's Friend.Tech Clone Stars Arena Encounters Bug

Stars Arena, the recently launched decentralized social app, became the buzz of the day yesterday for its bug that could drain AVAX from its smart contract.

While the SoFi application was being loaded with hundreds of users, an anonymous Twitter user, lilitch.eth shared a post claiming that there was an obvious bug in the application allowing hackers to drain AVAX from its smart contract.

However, a potential exploit of the Stars Arena contract could cost the attacker $5 for every $1 it drains from the contract. 

“No exploiter can profit from this because the gas to run the tx is higher than the AVAX extracted,” said a user, referring to the fact that the contract requires higher-than-average transaction gas.

Stars Arena released an announcement after a couple of hours stating that the bug is fixed, thanks to its upgradable smart-contract, and spelled out that it was all nothing but a FUD. 

The post eventually went viral in the crypto community within minutes, and several users started debates around Stars Arena and Friend.tech clones. 

The incident also reached Avalanche founder Emin Gun Sirer, who shared a post citing that the attacker managed to extract a sum of $2,000, which cost $0.25 for every $0.04 it made. 

Stars Arena was launched on Avalanche a couple of weeks ago, surpassed $1 million in TVL within days, and became one of the highest growing social finance (SoFi) applications. 

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