Australian Crypto Exchanges React to Binance Payment Crisis

Australian crypto exchanges tackle Binance payment woes, urge regulatory reforms & stronger banking support
Australian Crypto Exchanges React to Binance Payment Crisis

Australian-based cryptocurrency exchanges are working to alleviate concerns of potential contagion following the suspension of Australian dollar services by Binance Australia. The move came after Binance’s payments partner, Zepto, received instructions from Cuscal, its partner firm, to cease support for the exchange.

Independent Reserve CEO, Adrian Przelozny, reassured users that the issue appears to be specific to Binance and stated that Australian dollar deposits and withdrawals on his exchange remain unaffected.

Caroline Bowler, CEO of BTC Markets, expressed confidence and emphasized the close collaboration between her platform and their payments provider, particularly in combating scams. She stated that no concerns have been raised about BTC Markets and highlighted their long-standing relationship with the provider.

Jonathon Miller, Kraken Australia’s managing director, acknowledged the limited availability of crypto-friendly payment providers in the local market. He expressed sympathy for Binance Australia’s predicament and acknowledged its connection to broader challenges faced by the enterprise.

Executives from other exchanges noted a surge in user activity on their platforms as Binance users sought alternative exchanges with Australian dollar payment options.

Despite promises, several of the executives warned that Australia’s crypto regulatory climate makes more potential debanking scenarios probable.

Bowler stressed the need for a comprehensive regulatory framework that would instill confidence in financial institutions to engage with crypto exchanges. She emphasized that such regulations would set clear standards for the industry.

Bowler highlighted the limited options available to exchanges due to difficulties in accessing banking rails in Australia. Miller echoed her sentiments, citing historical issues with the strained relationship between crypto businesses and banking in the country. He contrasted this with other jurisdictions, such as Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom, where crypto-related licenses and legal frameworks exist.

Amidst these developments, stakeholders in the Australian crypto industry are urging regulatory clarity and improved access to banking services, seeking to create a more stable and supportive environment for exchanges and users alike.

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