Audius to Launch its Solana NFT integration

The users of Audius will now be able to feature NFTs from the Solana ecosystem as well as from Ethereum.
Audius to Launch its Solana NFT integration

In Brief:

  • The initial integration features Solana wallet Phantom.
  • The new features will be available to Audius’ silver tier profiles.

Audius, a Blockchain-based music streaming platform, announced the launch of its Solana NFT Integration. The platform bagged $60M in collectible transactions, last week.

Initially, the integration will feature Solana Wallet Phantom. It will unlock a new feature for Audius Silver Tier profiles. Silver Tire profiles are accounts with more than 100 platforms native AUDIO tokens. The feature will allow its nearly six million users to begin showcasing Solana SPL NFT collectibles alongside Ethereum’s ERC-20 NFT collectibles. 

Roneil Rumburg, Audius’ co-founder and CEO, said the partnership gives Solana its first “NFT discovery layer,” adding that: “Tooling from Metaplex and the Audius integration with Phantom made it possible to ship Solana support while maintaining the usability bar that Audius has become known for.”

Audius’ free web, desktop and mobile app lets anyone publish their own original or remixed music content and playlists for the platform’s community to discover, consume and share. 

Earlier in August, it integrated with TikTok to produce “TikTok Sounds”. The Partnership will allow musicians, who use the Audius app, to share their work in TikTok.

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