Astar Network To Launch zkEVM Testnet In October

Polkadot’s parachain is launching zkEVM setup to enable Ethereum compatibility between both chains.
Astar Network To Launch zkEVM Testnet In October

Astar Network, the parachain of the Polkadot ecosystem, is all set to launch its zkEVM environment with its testnet launching this month.

In an announcement last week, Astar shared that its zkEVM testnet will go live this month. It is built using Gelato Network, a layer 2 infrastructure provider, while powered by Polygon’s CDK.

The cross-chain network has also opened registrations for early access to the Astar zkEVM testnet which enables web3 developers to utilize its functionality while in the development phase.

zkEVM is Ethereum compatible smart-contract execution environment that leverages the novel zero-knowledge proofs in order to achieve network efficiency. In recent times, zkEVMs has been at the center of interchain innovations and this primitive is highly dominated by Polygon.

According to a latest post, Astar zkEVM’s development has been completed and it has been integrated with Sepolia bridge. The team is working on Bridge UI which is expected to complete sooner prior to launch of the testnet. 

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