Art Blocks NFTs to be Exhibited at The Famous Venice Biennale

Art Blocks partnered up with Decentral Art Pavilion and SuperchiefNFT for showcasing its NFTs at the art festival.
Art Blocks NFTs to be Exhibited at The Famous Venice Biennale

The Ethereum-based NFT platform Art Blocks announced via Twitter that its generative artwork projects will be part of the world-famous Venice “Art” Biennale. Calling it the “Olympics of the art world”, Art Blocks will exhibit at two events in Venice, Italy. 

La Biennale di Venezia or Venice Biennial is a contemporary visual art exhibition and the most prestigious Biennale exhibition in the world. NFTs’ presence at the Venice Biennale represents an important validation for the medium.

The two shows that the Art Blocks mentioned are two collaborations for recognition of generative art NFTs. 

Art Blocks NFTs will be displayed during the Generative Art Special Event, which is co-hosted by Decentral Art Pavilion and focuses on artists and individuals who use NFTs. Stefano Contiero curated the 20 Art Blocks artist exhibition, which will take place from April 29 to May 1 at Palazzo Giustinian Lolin.

It is also bringing its “Generative Art to the Venice Biennale” in collaboration with the world’s first in-person NFT gallery, SuperchiefNFT. The exhibit includes works by two Art Blocks artists: Himinn by Sarah Ridgley and Chimera by mpkoz, and will be on display at the Cultural Centre from April 23 to November 27.

While the names of the Art Blocks artists and their works have yet to be revealed, the Stefano Contiero-curated exhibition will be on display from April 23 through June 20.

This is a huge step toward educating, engaging, and enthralling the art aficionados about NFTs as mainstream digital art.

Every Art Blocks NFT exudes a mood of unfathomable mystery to some degree as posed by the Ringers NFT project. Last year, Ringers #109 made headlines when it was sold for 2100 ETH or $7 million.

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