Announcement! Goblintown Collaborated With Delabs Games

Rumble Racing Star game attempts to merge the Web2 and Web3 gamers together with profile picture (PFP) projects.
Announcement! Goblintown Collaborated With Delabs Games

In recent Web3 news, Goblintown announced its collaboration with Delabs Games, and the NFT community got to know about their upcoming thriller game called Rumble Racing Star.

This official announcement was released via Twitter on Thursday, March 16, bringing the next level of excitement to the NFT community. 

Additionally, the game featured the novel ‘Racing Gob in Town’, Grendel, one of the racers in their upcoming game, Rumble Racing Star.

Excitingly gamers will shortly be capable of racing and sabotaging each other across varied territories while dressed as their favorite Goblintown profile picture (PFP).

The developers will organize various contests across the game, also players will be able to hold races across various levels and maps.

Players can customize their ride along with their favorite characters. This thrilling game intends to bring together Web2 and Web3 gamers, along with PFPs.

Goblintown has 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It has been labeled the ugliest and weirdest NFT design around the space, featuring trolls, magicians, unicorns, and even Kevin.

Although the full details of this game are not yet available, the official trailer does look like high-octane fun!

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