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Aleph Zero

From Bitcoin to DEXs and NFTs, the crypto space is full of cryptocurrency projects. While some are yet to be established as players in the field, not all of them are worthwhile investments. Amongst them is Aleph Zero, a proof-of-stake public blockchain launched in 2018 that seeks to increase anonymity.

When it comes to investing, newcomers must be cautious and informed about the basics of their asset of choice, potential, technology, team, and market data. 

So are you ready to explore a relatively new project then? Great! Let’s look at Alpha Zero and its potential as an investment option.

What is Aleph Zero?

Aleph Zero is a proof-of-stake public blockchain that aims to improve anonymity. It was created in 2018 and had been formally peer-reviewed and approved for publishing in the Advances in Financial Technology 2019 conference proceedings. Aleph Zero addresses the deficiencies of current distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms in the following areas: speed, validation time, scalability, and security. 

The Aleph Zero platform runs its native currency called AZERO. Its first version and sale have been concluded in 2021.

Aleph Zero: Mission

Aleph Zero, which has various possible uses, may function as a public ledger and a private instance linked to the public ledger. This capability enables organisations to construct decentralised initiatives that benefit from the speed and security of a public DLT platform while maintaining transaction privacy. 

Aleph Zero may also synchronise with other blockchains and execute smart contracts, as its privacy policy foundation will be compatible with all the major chains. Furthermore, we should note that the team is also developing Common, a global wallet.

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Get More information About Aleph Zero

If you need more information about this amazing project, Aleph Zero has a website where you can check the latest information surrounding the project, such as platform overview, features, wallet, FAQs, whitepaper, and background info of their team. 

Aleph Zero has a community of 780 users on Reddit. They are also on Twitter, where they have 1,431 tweets and 61,300 followers. Do not be reluctant to look online for more information about Aleph Zero because publications like Nasdaq, Forkast, and Sifted have written about it.

Figures You Need to Know About Aleph Zero

Market Data

Disclaimer: Because the crypto market fluctuates 24/7, the figures below are subject to change. The data below was taken from Coinmarketcap, one of the most credible sources online. As a trader, you should always double-check the information you obtain – use the below solely as a reference.

Market cap and trading volume are key indications for traders and investors, which can signify increasing demand. AZERO’s trading volume is $2,714,327 (as of July 28, 2022). 

Talk to experienced crypto traders if the data you find via charts or cryptocurrency monitoring websites overwhelm you. For example, the Immediate Edge website allows you to connect with the most reliable brokers in the field and access reliable data. In the end, trading doesn’t have to be rocket science!


Aleph Zero’s roadmap has six phases of development. You can examine the details of each phase focusing on network growth on their website or as stated above, consult a professional. 

Note that Phases Five and Six are yet to be completed.

Use Cases

When it comes to crypto, real-world use cases are vital. Aleph Zero allotted a section on their website listing the practical value of certain aspects. 

The use cases includes IoT (Internet of Things), Smart Contracts, Supply Chain Management, Virtual Game Assets, Decentralised Domain Name System (DNS), Universal Wallet and Decentralised Exchange, Asset Digitization, Notary Signatory, Transparent Public Document Access, Automatic Tax Payment, Databases, and Automatic Payments and Shared Revenue Agreement.

Developers and Founders

The Aleph Zero team continues to expand, with dozens of people currently contributing to the network development and adoption. The team has a combined 15 years of experience in the IT business, including over eight years in DLT/cryptocurrencies and ten years in technology marketing. 

Guess what? Five of the team members hold PhDs in Maths or computer science, which gives extra credibility to the project.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, it appears that Aleph Zero can serve as one of the most competitive players in the sector and future decentralised apps. 

Before investing, however, always conduct in-depth research to help you make the best financial decision possible.

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