Akumu Dragonz NFT Mint Gets Interrupted Due to Exploitable Contract

The Akumu Dragonz team resolved the exploitable NFT contract and commenced the mint event on June 2nd at 5 PM EST with the 1st wave.
Akumu Dragonz NFT Mint Gets Interrupted Due to Exploitable Contract

The long-anticipated Akumu Dragonz NFT collection’s mint event unfortunately got interrupted because its NFT smart contract was found to be exploitable because a flaw in the contract made it reportedly loopable.

Akumu Dragonz is the latest cross-chain NFT collection from the Bōryoku Dragonz team. A total of 10,000 HD pixel Dragonz NFTs dropped on May 31st at 0.169 ETH.

But the mint was a failure for a brief amount of time due to the loophole and 5% of the total supply of the collection got exploited.

The content creator and NFT influencer MouseDev appeared as the savior while these events unfolded. He advised the Akumu Dragonz team to write and deploy another smart contract in a detailed Twitter thread.

His solution assured that it would still keep the original Akumu Dragonz contract as the actual NFT collection. The remainder of the supply can be minted in the vault and then moved to a custom contract.

MouseDev explained that after the team writes and deploys another contract, they need to send the remaining supply to the vault and then transfer vault tokens to the smart contract. Now the users can buy the NFTs from the new contract.

After he posted the thread, the Akumu Dragonz team thanked MouseDev by tweeting, “We are currently being supported by some of the strongest advocates and dev giga brains in the space like @_MouseDev to work on a plausible solution around it.”

Later, the team announced that they’ll give up the supply for the allowlist to participate, and the team is staying on the current contract with a relaunch for an allowlist mint to be set in about 48 hours after the pause happened.

The Akumu Dragonz NFT team was successful in fixing the contract, and they resumed the mint event on June 2nd at 5 PM EST with the 1st wave. Wave 1 was for allowlist wallet addresses excluding the pre-mint public raffle winners. 

The second wave began on June 3rd at 5 AM EST for all allowlist wallet addresses inclusive of premint public raffle winners. The team unveiled all the NFTs on the same day at 8 PM EST.

Many big names hopped on the mint event including popular DJ and NFT collector Steve Aoki. He grabbed the Akumu Dragonz #5535 which is a vampire with purple skin and a bubblegum green mouth. It has a wizard blue head, violet eye and a solid color background.

We can’t leave out Snoop Dogg aka Cozomo de’ Medici who bought the Akumu Dragonz #6942 and even announced an exclusive giveaway for the Akumu Dragonz collection for his Medici Minutes readers only.

Currently, Akumu Dragonz NFT collection is the third most traded NFT collection by sales volume in the last 24 hours on the OpenSea platform.

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