a16z Opens Application For Crypto Startup School Program 2024

The VC firm invites early-stage crypto founders across the globe to join their accelerator program in London.
a16z Opens Application For Crypto Startup School Program 2024

The web3 investment arm of leading VC firm a16z opens applications for its Crypto Startup School (CSS) for Spring 2024. The program will be held in London, where the VC firm has opened a new office recently.

According to the official announcement, the program aims to accelerate early-stage companies by providing them with guidance, funding, and resources that are likely to help crypto founders build their startups.

The twelve-week program will focus on speed-up the process to achieve product-market fit while enabling the project with a long-term success plan. The applications are open until October 20, 2023, on the company’s website.

“While we hope to receive more applications from excellent founders based in the UK and Europe than in our previous CSS cohorts, we’ll be considering and accepting teams from around the world to participate,” the announcement said. 

a16z describes potential founders’ qualities as “intent on taking big, bold swings in crypto and are hellbent on building something transformational.” It will invest an amount of $500,000 in exchange for 7% equity and other standard rights from each participant.

All the participants in the CSS Spring 2024 program will receive support from numerous other founders and mentors from the web3 industry. Similar to previous cohorts, all of the CSS Spring 2024 content will be accessible to the public, allowing anyone to watch it after the program concludes.

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