A Survey reveals 34% Gamers Support Crypto Use in Metaverse

The survey reveals 52% of the U.S. gamers believe the video game industry will undergo a paradigm shift in the Metaverse.
A Survey reveals 34% Gamers Support Crypto Use in Metaverse

The Globant Metaverse Awareness Survey reveals 34% of gamers support using cryptocurrencies in Metaverse transactions, while only 16% buy NFTs. 

The survey studies U.S. gamers’ “thoughts, attitudes, and opinions on the Metaverse.”

“Through this survey, we see that although the development of the metaverse is still in its early stages, U.S. gamers already see the technology as capable of expanding the realm of possibility in gaming,” says Nicolas Avila, Chief Technology Officer (North America), Globant.

The gaming community agrees to the tune of 40% to both play and earn in the play-to-earn (P2E) setting in the Metaverse.

73% of the surveyed data revealed that Meta is the most well-recognized Metaverse brand associated with blockchain tech. While Epic Games stands at 27%, Roblox is at 21%, The Sandbox at 15%, and Niantic at 10%. But only 40% of those surveyed tend to link blockchain tech with Metaverse.

Only 11% of the surveyed respondents are willing to indulge likely for earning, whereas 49% indicate they only want to play.

On the face of it a gamer-community backlash is visible. While 41% of the community believe the Metaverse will positively impact gaming, 25% disagree.

A paradigm shift in the video game industry is expected by 52% gamers, courtesy of the Metaverse environment. Among those surveyed, the majority of them are willing to work in the virtual realm upon getting paid in digital currency.

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Gaming fanatics, though, don’t ever fail to express their displeasure for cryptocurrencies and NFTs’ integration with gaming. Their distaste relates to the larger environmental impact of the technology, spoiling the gaming experience. 

The institutional software developer Globlant’s survey polled 1,000 respondents (adult, PC, console and/or mobile gamers) in May, and published the results in July.

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