5ireChain To Unleash 5ire Token On December 5

5ireChain To Unleash 5ire Token On December 5

5ireChain announced that the 5ire token would go live on a Tier-1 exchange as an ERC20 token on December 5 and could later be ported to 5ire Coins on the mainnet.

The launch of the 5ire token offers a fantastic chance for its partners, investors, supporters, stakeholders, and community members to step up and join the larger effort to unleash the power of the fifth industrial revolution.

The announcement says, “The core team that has been working with 5ire is still here and we are energized by the addition of new members who bring with them corporate strategy experience coupled with AI, blockchain, and web 3.0 subject knowledge.”

The date of exchanges will be announced afterward on the 5ireChain channel.  Co-founder of 5ireChain Vilma Mattila decided to leave the company in June after falling out with her fellow founders.

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