1inch Network Unveils its Integration with the Oasis.app

This partnership provides Oasis users with cheaper swap rates and better security.
1inch Network Unveils its Integration with the Oasis.app

In Brief: 

  • 1inch Network is now in association with Oasis.app. 
  • Users are now benefited due to lower gas fees. 
  • 1inch users can now borrow Dai cheaper from Oasis.app. 

The 1inch Network announced its collaboration with Oasis.app, a leading decentralised financial platform to provide Oasis users with cheaper swap rates and better security, while expanding 1inch reach in the DeFi space.

Chris Bradbury, Oasis.app CEO said that As a team, it is really exciting to announce 1inch as our first protocol integration on Oasis.app beyond the Maker Protocol.”   

This integration may provide the users with more cost-effective token swaps and secure liquidity provision and efficient experience due to low growing gas costs. 

1inch Network co-founder Sergej Kunz said that “The integration with Oasis.app is another step towards a more efficient and secure DeFi space and wider adoption of innovative decentralized financial solutions.” 

Using the Oasis Multiply feature users can borrow Dai and construct Multiplied Positions, which are similar to leveraged or margin positions. This would be without the need to borrow funds from a counterparty. Oasis Multiply supports other Maker-supported assets, like ETH or wBTC as well.

Users can borrow Dai from Oasis.app for less money and in a safer environment than on other platforms. The 1inch integration is designed to make that story even easier.

Oasis.app claims to want to be the most trusted platform in decentralised finance, partnering only with the best in the industry.

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1inch is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that searches decentralised exchanges for the best cryptocurrency values for traders using its 1INCH utility and governance token.

Oasis is an app where users can deploy capital into the Maker Protocol and DeFi, with trust at its core.

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